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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was speaking of alternative energy generating options for Russia at a conference of regional branches of the United Russia party in Khabarovsk on December 6. The conference was entitled: The Strategy of Socio-economic Development of the Far East until 2020. Programme for 2010-2012. The prime minister had been asked by Dmitry Kolesnikov, a hydropower engineer, whether the government will support alternative energy projects in the Far East. What is the characteristic feature of the Far East? the questioner had asked. “It is its huge potential for alternative sources of energy, for renewable energy. Geothermal energy makes up the bulk of this potential, although wind and tidal energy are also interesting.”

The official transcript of the prime ministry records Putin as referring to the “plus and minuses” of solar power and wind turbines, when he went on to reveal, for the first time, the gravity of the vibration problem threatening Europe. This is also the first time Putin has referred expressly to the problem of birds, worms, and moles.

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