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By John Helmer, Moscow

The media audience has been moving fast in the opposite direction from the reporters and media proprietors. The majority of US audiences, for example, believes all sides of a story deserve to be reported in a balanced fashion. The journalists strongly disagree, however.  The younger these reporters are, the more they claim to be leftwing, and the more concentrated their employment in the online media, the more committed they are to the propaganda mission of their employers, and of their governments.

This is Ass Backwards, as Mike Ryan for TNT Radio spells out in this discussion of the performance of the Australian press. There isn’t a major issue in election politics, the recent history of pandemic emergency powers, the display of Nazi symbols, and the wars against Russia and China, which Australian journalists haven’t ignored, covered up, or misreported the story in a way which would have been impossible fifty years ago. History too is Ass Backwards.

More than half of all Australian readers don’t trust what they read in the news media. That is roughly the same level of distrust of journalism as in Canada, Hong Kong and Poland. But no one distrusts journalism as much as Americans whose scepticism of the published word leads the world.   

Since readers are smarter than journalists, less gullible, less trusting, what can readers do to learn the truth and stop the lies. Start with this discussion, and then consider how to vote – and if to vote – and how to keep this a secret from pollsters and journalists until Election Day.    

Tune into the discussion at Minute 15:51.

Source: https://tntradiolive.podbean.com/

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