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By John Helmer, Moscow

According to the announcement issued yesterday in Moscow, Ahmad Mohamed Al-Sayed (centre), head of the Qatar emirate’s sovereign wealth fund, was appointed by Kirill Dimitriev (bottom right), head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), to join the RDIF international advisory board. An application by Dmitriev for several billion dollars of Qatari money is being discussed with Al-Sayed. The text of the official announcement can be read here.

In his preparation for al-Sayed’s appointment, Dimitriev was asked to clarify what account he took of Qatar’s financing the overthrow of the Syrian Government and the military threats facing Russian ground and naval forces in that country; whether Dmitriev believes Qatar to be at war with Russia in Syria; and what conditions Dmitriev has discussed with the Russian General Staff in order to collect the Qatari money Dmitriev has asked for. Maria Medvedeva, once a CNN television producer and now Dmitirev’s spokesman, replied: “I was slightly surprised by the question, because we are an investment fund and have nothing to do with politics.”

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