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by John Helmer, Moscow 

This is the first book to be published worldwide revealing how a group of government officials can exploit the corona virus pandemic to wield emergency powers illegally;  destroy parliament; deceive the press; manipulate the law courts;  spend vast amounts of state money to enrich themselves;  and spread false science and public terror to cover their tracks.

Right now this is a story with urgent parallels in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Spain, and France   – in every country where democratic resistance to abuse of power in the pandemic has run into identical tactics of state lawlessness, and suffered the same fate.  

The book tells the story of how, locked into Melbourne, the second city of Australia, I waged a bitter court case against the authorities to stop their illegal ban on my leaving the country and prohibit my wife joining me from Moscow.   

No government or country in the world has adopted such a policy towards its own citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic. The only precedent for such a policy towards innocent, non-criminal citizens in recent European history was that of Nazi Germany towards the German Jews.

The book exposes undocumented government spending of almost half a billion dollars treating suspected Covid-19 victims as criminals. It uncovers the schemes of Daniel Andrews, premier of the state of Victoria, whose unbridled ambition to take power over all of Australia produced the very first Covid-19 vaccine. This vaccine was a room-temperature, multiple-dose jab in the brain.

This book is the only antidote for the brain damage which governments are inflicting with their abuse of Covid-19 powers. Learn from it because, wherever you are locked down now, your protection from being locked up depends on it.

What makes this tale a thriller is the audacity of the lawbreaking, and the methods by which the lawbreakers have gotten away with their crimes. That this happened so far away from where readers in the civilised world are able to read it now – the author is banned from name mention, press report, or book review in Australia – invites your recognition of how easily a small, prosperous, and law-abiding democracy can be subverted and seized by an individual, to the acclaim or acquiescence of almost everybody.

Of course, everybody believes he or she would recognise Hitler if they came across him. This tale proves not only that this isn’t true the world over. It also proves how popular Hitler’s spawn can be when they materialise – and how enthusiastic people will be, especially women and the young, to cheer for their local Hitler, whether he is breaking the law or not. That’s when the little Hitler becomes the law himself.  

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