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by John Helmer, Moscow 

The Dutch Government has rigged the trial for Russian murder in the shooting-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on June 17, 2014. The outcome will be a guilty verdict. For Prime Minister Mark Rutte, this is more easily predicted than his survival in power in six months’ time, when Dutch voters go to the polls on March 17, 2021.

The immediate consequence is that the defence of Russian Army Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Pulatov, the one Russian accused who has responded to the Dutch indictment, is pointless; it should stop at once. The Rotterdam lawyers, Boudwijn van Eijck and Sabine ten Doesschate, who are representing Pulatov in court, should withdraw. If they are reluctant, then Anatoly Kovler and Yelena Kutyina, the Moscow lawyers who arranged their engagement and the money to pay them, should order a walk-out.

The Russian side gains nothing, and loses much, by collaborating in the show trial.

A guilty verdict for Pulatov, and by extension the three other defendants and the Russian government behind them, can’t make a significant difference to the outcome of the Dutch election. The MH17 trial will be continuing that month, if it is running on the timetable already announced.  According to that, the verdict cannot be delivered until the very end of 2021 or the first weeks of 2022.

Before the March election day, however, if Pulatov has already abandoned the trial, ordering his lawyers to leave the courtroom, there is a chance that Rutte’s campaign of deceptions will be comprehended by Dutch voters as they go to the ballot box. Just a chance. If then they throw Rutte out, the outcome and verdict of the trial aren’t likely to be directly affected. But Russians will say that Rutte has been felled by the truth.


 Part One – The dead talk back 
1The case for walking out of the sham trial2
2Fate of the cockpit crew28
 Part Two – Double Dutch 
3First truths, first lies 103
4Black boxes, black holes in the investigation109
5Dutch prepare missile attack on Moscow117
6Shrapnel evidence for what cannot have happened135
7What President Obama knew and when151
8Australian Government secrets162
9Ambulance-chasing lawyers try to bluff178
10Crash of the Dutch Safety Board190
11The Dutch Safety Board footnote which put the boot to Buk201
12The war crime of Tjibbe Joustra, chairman of the Dutch Safety Board206
13Australian and Dutch officials lose control of the MH17 info-war213
14First coroner’s court inquest on the MH17 crash219
15The little Dutch boy, his finger, and the leak in the dyke story229
16US lawyer attacks Malaysia, Russia, for billion-dollar payoff233
17Dutch prosecutor Westerbeke expresses doubt on MH17 evidence247
18The Dutch and Australian plan to invade eastern Ukraine255
19Dutch, Australian, Ukrainian police announce end of tunnel; Russian generals announce tunnel vision264
20Proof the Dutch police, Ukrainian secret service and US Government are faking evidence of the shoot-down277
21Australian Prime Minister contradicts Ukrainian court claim of MH17 terrorism287
 Part Three – The standard of proof 
22One thousand days of faking297
23American lawyers try selling Sberbank lawsuit to MH17 victims348
24The MH17 missile goes home to Ukraine355
25What the Lockerbie files reveal about the MH17 lies361
26Malaysian Prime Minister accuses US and allies of fabrication368
27Dutch prosecutors announce criminal charges373
28Malaysia reveals evidence tampering by Dutch; FBI attempts to seize black boxes384
29New evidence leaks from secret JIT files397
30NATO military intelligence repeatedly reported no evidence of a Russian Buk in Donbass412
31No US satellite evidence of the shoot-down by a Buk missile417
32Five Dutch methods for witness tampering429
 Part Four – The trial 
33Judge Steenhuis opens the show438
34The face of Dutch justice launches a thousand slips446
35The defence opens its case465
36The judge orders prosecution to produce US satellite data471
37Anglo-American standard or Dutch treat479
38US satellite evidence – now you see it, now you don’t488
39The false front of the defence lawyers499
40Judge Steenhuis allows secret witness testimony from the SBU512
41Steenhuis allows US satellite evidence fabrication521
42Russia and China did not hand over satellite evidence526
43SBU telephone tapes, witness tampering, hatred for Russians533
44Trial outcome rigged on a charge requiring no proof542
45The strawman defence551
46Defence calls for Russian Army general Konashenkov to testify558
47Prosecutors oppose Konashenkov testimony567
48Steenhuis refuses to allow Konashenkov evidence576
49Dutch writing on Ukrainian wall – guilty verdict inevitable580
50Prime Minister Rutte loses confidence in trial589
 Part Five – Burned out case 
51End of the deceit599

Afterword: the Battle of the Southern Cauldron, July 1 – July 17, 2014  

Back cover of the book:  the sphinx and swords logo of the Dutch military intelligence agency MIVD, together with its motto. The MIVD’s detection of the truth contradicts the Dutch prosecution charge that a Russian-directed firing of a Buk missile downed MH17.

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