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by John Helmer, Moscow

Sound familiar?

Without the direct knowledge, say-so, or approval of the ailing US President, a group of senior Washington officials plan in top secrecy to persuade Germany to recover all the eastern European territories which the German Army took in World War II – including Austria, the Czech Sudetenland, the Polish Corridor, and the western region of Ukraine known as Galicia. In return, the Germans should agree to resuming their war against Russia on US terms.

This was known in Washington as the M PROJECT. It was devised by a group of American co-religionists, with a common ethnic origin and a shared belief in the evil of everything Russia stood for, including their religion.

The M PROJECT was the brainchild of the head of US intelligence, the White House military advisor, and other generals and admirals. They were all Irish-American Roman Catholics.

Through a special emissary code-named DAISY, they attempted to recruit their German co-religionists in the plan. To earn their reward, the Germans’ job was to arrange a coup d’état in Berlin; kill Adolph Hitler; and hurry up,  before the Russian Army made good its advance through Ukraine, Poland, and on to Berlin.

This was the M PROJECT of 1943. President Franklin Roosevelt knew nothing of it. It failed, but the secret was kept for more than thirty years. By then, the US didn’t need to persuade the Germans by killing their chancellor. They do have a problem this week, though, to compel the new chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to join the M&M PROJECT – that’s the old M PROJECT  modernized by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland, for a new push through the Ukraine front.

The Germans must hurry this time too. The M&M PROJECT is due to start on Tuesday this week, according to Bloomberg. The Times of London says it will be Wednesday. The White House national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, an Irish-American,   says it will be “any day now.”

On Friday, this and a great many preceding and succeeding murder plots and invasions devised by US officials will be exposed in the new book from Dances with Bears.

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