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by John Helmer, Moscow 

Between Guy Fawkes Day and Thanksgiving, a short break to complete the new book.

While I scribble, this is the song to sing along with.  

She Loves and She Confesses, Too
by Abraham Cowley and Henry Purcell

She loves and she confesses too,
There’s then at last no more to do;
The happy work’s entirely done,
Enter the town which thou hast won;
The fruits of conquest now begin,
Io, triumph, enter in.

What’s this, ye Gods! What can it be?
Remains there still an enemy?
Bold Honour stands up in the gate,
And would yet capitulate.
Have I o’ercome all real foes,
And shall this phantom me oppose?

Noisy nothing, stalking shade,
By what witchcraft wert thou made,
Thou empty cause of solid harms?
But I shall find out counter charms,
Thy airy devilship to remove
From this circle here of love.

Sure I shall rid myself of thee
By the night’s obscurity,
And obscurer secrecy;
Unlike to ev’ry other spright
Thou attempt’st not men to affright
Nor appear’st but in the light.

Abraham Cowley wrote the lyrics; Henry Purcell composed the song, Z413.

Listen here:  https://www.youtube.com/

The book that’s coming is also about devilship, foes, capitulation, secrecy, women who love, and honour.  It’s called Dunce Upon a Time, Autobiography of Mistakes.

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