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By John Helmer, Moscow

On November 15, 2015, I told you so.

“Since the US started the regime dominoes falling in Kiev in February 2014, the Polish regime has already toppled, and the French one is doomed – President Francois Hollande will be defeated by every one of the candidates now running to succeed him, including Marine Le Pen of the National Front. The British Prime Minister David Cameron can postpone his day of reckoning, but on the margins of Europe, not inside. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has less time, fewer supporters. When Merkel topples, she will take the European Union (EU) into the shambles with her.”

Geographically, Brexit is a vote against invaders along the entire shoreline of the island save for Liverpool; Cardiff; the upper-class neighbourhoods of Plymouth and Exeter; and Brighton. Excepting also Scotland — but there the Remain vote turns out to be a vote to be in Europe, independent of England. If the Scottish referendum were to be called again now, the Scots will vote to leave the United Kingdom and accede to the European Union. Like Crimeans from the Ukraine.

In Cornwall, where Cornish independence awaits revival, the vote against Europe – 56.5% to 43.5% — is a vote for Cornish independence of London. The smaller margins for Brexit in Wales (5 percentage points) and in England (7 points) say the same thing, with less conviction.

The political sociology of the Brexit victory is much more than the revolt of the British working-class against international capital in London, though the Financial Times and the red rags are right about that much. The think-tank towns (Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter, Warwick, Bristol) voted by margins of 20 to 40 points to keep holding the hand that feeds them from London and Brussels. The majority of foreign-born Britons voted to be British and Brexit. So did those elderly enough to remember the aftermath of the last war in Europe. The gullibility of the young has been defeated – Twitter has been twotted.


KEY: Blue=leave (Brexit); yellow=remain. GIB=Gibraltar; ORK=Orkney Islands; SHET=Shetland Islands
Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/politics/eu_referendum/results

Brexit is a vote against the apparatchiki and siloviki of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) politics, including David Cameron and Hillary Clinton. Between now and November 8, election day in the US, reading newspapers and television news about the chances of Donald Trump will be as pointless as Cameron is this morning.

Spike Milligan, a British comedian remembered by Brexit-aged voters, warned after he had completed “Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall” that “the Americans are now the new Germans”. He didn’t say more on geopolitical strategy in Europe before he died. Before that, he muttered: “all men are cremated equal”.

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