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by John Helmer, Moscow

Covid-19 and corona psychosis are parallel attacks on your health, pandemic in scale for both at the moment.  

Among the recognised symptoms of Covid-19 in the central nervous system, there is ageusia (loss of taste) and anosmia (loss of smell).   Newly discovered, there are also symptoms affecting eyesight, such conjunctival hyperemia, chemosis,  and epiphora.   Those are the medical terms for inflammation of the conjunctiva and excessive secretions from the eyes. Like tears when you weep, they blur the vision, though the fluid isn’t infectious. Face mask, goggles, gloves, hazmat suit are part of the personal protective equipment needed to defend the body organs most exposed. So is social distance from potentially infectious cases.

But they are no protection against the circulation of lies. The media messages which carry the lies attach themselves to human receptors, then mutate rapidly inside the brain, the voice box, and the fingertip-keyboard reflex. Consuming lies is the way you catch the corona psychosis; retweeting and retelling them in small, intimate spaces – laptop, tablet or smart phone – is the way they spread. The basic reproductive ratio of Covid-19 runs from 3 to 9 people  infected by a single case, and the virus may take up to two weeks to reveal itself in symptoms or testing. The reproductive ratio of the corona psychosis is larger and faster. Blindfolds, earplugs, gags,  and handcuffs are too unpopular with people to be implemented in most places. For the time being, there is a desperate shortage of antidotes and vaccines. Truth is an effective antidote, but most infected individuals don’t recognise they are missing it.

Gorilla Radio provides natural immunity if taken regularly in sustained doses over lengthy periods of time. Laboratory experimentation and human trialling with earfuls of the medicine are under way in Canada to demonstrate contraceptive effect before exposure  and post-exposure prophylaxis. Think of each Gorilla Radio broadcast as a combination of condom before bare backing, and antiretroviral pills, PEP and ART, after you were enjoying yourself without restraint.   

So don your earphones, turn up the volume, and sit back for an hour of the most advanced health cure available in the world today.  

Chris Cook asks the questions. Listen to the interview broadcast here.

By the way, in the story (discussed at Min 47:10) of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his chief adviser Dominic Cummings, the secretion Cummings reported to the press to have affected his eyesight after he tested positive for Covid-19,  wasn’t conjunctival at all. It was drivel, eyewash; read for more details here.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/

Gorilla Radio is broadcast every Thursday on CFUV 101.9 FM from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  The radio station can be heard here.   The Gorilla Radio introductions are also published by the Pacific Free Press and on the blog.   For Chris Cook’s broadcast archive, click to open.  

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